Monday, September 27, 2010

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Monday, September 13, 2010

Last Post Before A New Blog?

Hmm... I've been away from this blog for months because I've been so empty in my life other than study, study and study! Days had been pretty miserable for me. I had been made psychologically tired thanks to all those assignments. It made me feel really bad when there are somebody who feel reluctant to contribute in any way to group assignments. Not because of the extra workload I needed to do, but because they give up the knowledge that can be gained from assignments. I always think that assignment is a more practical way to learn rather than those rigid examinations whereby the knowledge learnt from there is always more or less outdated.

Currently I am preparing for my finals, but not much deal here really. Financial Statement Analysis is supposed to be the subject that can revised with shortest time. Reading more FSA notes won't help seriously. It's about how you interpret and this should be trained by doing past year papers. Still reading notes? Think again.

There are two massive memorising subjects namely Business Law and Introduction to Risk Management and Insurance. Well, quite bored to memorise and not much capacity left for storing numerous terms as well. I'm not planning to read much but I'll do past years more for Business Law. Write stores memory faster and longer than read.

Macroeconomics isn't supposed to be hard for AS students. Those who struggle you should really consider whether you should stay in AS course or not. Bear in mind that all the while you will be dealing with finance and economics in actuarial field apart from complicated mathematics.

Thankfully Critical Reading and Thinking doesn't require much reading. This is the same for Loss Models (not in any means to insult others).

I am looking forward to rejuvenate in the next coming semester.

First and foremost, I'll register for my SOA FM examination for the coming December. A good time in fact as I'm only having two subjects next sem with Moral - which doesn't affect CGPA and only shows pass/fail on the result slip - and Sociology - which in no way is a core subject of AS - on hand. Furthermore I'll only have three study days, which gives me ample of time to prepare for the exam. I like SOA exam more than UTAR exam anyway. Computerized, objective, great exam environment, challenging... the only downside is the fee.

Secondly, I'll try to get a job. Tuition teacher is what I am aiming for. Maybe I'll try to get a December PC Fair job as well. And I'll try to sell shoes thanks to the opportunity that Wai Kit found. I'll try my best to get at least RM1k.

Thirdly, I'll want to spent more time on leisure. I had been disappeared from basketball court for months due to laziness. I had not went for karaoke for a long time. I had not take any photo for months! I want to do all these as much as I can in this coming months.

My birthday is coming very soon but I guess I'll go through it alone again as UTAR never fails to spoil my birthday and holiday.

I've been socially empty for months. Not really a good female friend since foundation, let alone a girlfriend. I feel motivateless for that. Is there any girl that have the ability to bring the best out of me? I doubt that now. Unless somehow I get to know Jolin. Soooo impossible.

This should be my last blog post for this blog. I will open a new one. MYXVIII - Min Yang, 18; now I'm almost 20!

Thanks for spending time reading from top to bottom!

P/S: Maybe not the last post. The last post should be the link to my new blog! =P

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Final Fantasy IX. EPIC.

Computer games, pathetically, are often discouraged by the older generations as they often think that they bring negative impact to the souls of youths.

In fact, have you ever thought that a game can actually shape the mind of the younger generations to a better one?

Especially the genre of RPG (not MMORPG definitely). A good storyline, added with numerous of striking conflicts and dilemmas, perfected with the superbly fitted soundtracks, that's capable of changing the life of people who play it forever.

What have you heard from the song above? Maybe not that clear for those who had never played Final Fantasy IX, Square's last installments on the old PS One. Well, it's such a wonderful mix of feelings for me. A tune of deepest sorrow and despair, but even at such helpless moments, you can still listen the existence of hope from this song. Never expected so much of emotions out from this rather simple song don't you?

"To be forgotten is worse than death." Does it reminisce your feelings? And it's one of the golden quotes in the game itself!

And that's Final Fantasy IX. Pretty much underrated due to the release of Final Fantasy X on PS Two which happened to be just month after it. But in my opinion, it's the best of all and after so many years, it's still such a wonderful game to be replayed.

Ask me ten most important things that changes my life, and Final Fantasy will definitely be one of it. Mark my word.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Mark Paston

He just helped New Zealand in a 1-1 draw against World Champion Italy.


He's handsome, and looks younger than he is. Moreover, he's so steady when he's saving, and shows a lot of confidence for every successful save.